About Us


How it all began...

Little People's Products was founded in 2003, inspired by the arrival of the founder's first grandchild. She was motivated to create simple activities and tools that he could use to play and learn. This led to the creation of an educationally correct alphabet set made from a quality material. When the founder noticed how her grandson enjoyed playing with magnets on his Mom's fridge, she decided to convert her product to a magnetic one. Later numerals and operation signs for number concept activities were added to the range and more recently bottle top stickers.  Parents and teachers collect bottle tops and then add the stickers to create a very inexpensive, yet versatile educational tool.  

Teachers and learners were delighted with the product and because of the durability and tactile stimulation that the products offer, they have also been embraced by professionals working with children who require remedial or special needs teaching.  It also remains a great home product that every mom and dad can use, from the early stages of basic letter recognition to the later stage of using the product to assist with homework.

Little People's Products have worked with the Education Management Development Centres in the Cape; the South African Montessori Association; as well as Remedial, Occupational  and Speech therapists throughout South Africa.